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PublishDate: Wednesday, July 7, 2021 09:42

More than 90% US troops have left Afghanistan

US Central Command on Tuesday announced that over 90% of US drawdown from Afghanistan completed after last American soldiers left Bagram airbase.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The plan for troops pullout goes smooth and the total troops to be back in their homes by mid-August.

US officials has said the remaining troops amounting to nearly one thousand, will remain in Kabul for protecting including international organizations’ offices and other Kabul based embassies. Exact date for withdrawal of the remaining troops is not clarified though, they will stay in Afghanistan until security of Kabul International airport is handed over to Turkish troops.

US withdrawal from its largest and most paramount base, , was applauded by leadership of the Taliban and apparently gave its fighters the momentum to gain more territories -withdrawal.

The so-called uncoordinated evacuation of Bagram airfield which led to plunder by local residents concerned senior Afghan military and civilian officials.

Pentagon spokesperson John Kerby denied allegations over uncoordinated vacation of the airbase and added that the base was turned over to ANDSF in close coordination between General Scott and senior Afghan military and civilian officials.

Bagram based in north of Kabul has inhabited one hundred thousand US troops during the past 20 years. According Khaama press.


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