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PublishDate: Tuesday, July 6, 2021 15:28

Foreign Minister Atmar meets with regional partners

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Hanif Atmar met on Tuesday morning in Kabul with Afghanistan’s major regional partners to discuss the escalation of violence by the Taliban, the destruction of public property and infrastructure, the issue of IDPs and a new chapter in Afghanistan’s relations with the world.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Pointing to the Taliban’s non-compliance with the commitments of the Accord signed with the US last year and UN Resolution 2513, called on Afghanistan’s regional partners to put pressure on the Taliban to renounce violence and killings and return to meaningful peace talks.

According to a statement, Atmar spoke of the Taliban not cutting ties with foreign fighters and members of international terrorist groups, calling it a potential threat to regional stability and an opportunity to strengthen the foundations of .

Atmar added that given this great threat, a joint struggle and practical cooperation between countries against terrorist groups is crucial.

The Foreign Minister also discussed the new chapter in Afghanistan’s relations with the world, emphasizing the continued support of international partners for the people and government of Afghanistan and the preservation of the achievements of the last two decades, especially women’s, girls’ and children’s rights, freedom of expression and minority rights, the statement read.

The ambassadors of the region, while expressing regret over the high level of violence and killings, assured Atmar of their support for the government and people of Afghanistan, while maintaining and strengthening the achievements of the last two decades, after the withdrawal of support forces.


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