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PublishDate: Monday, July 5, 2021 15:10

US expanding war in Afghanistan: MPs

Parliament members in today’s assembly accused United States of widening and extending the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan. MPs added that US with its current stance in Afghanistan striving to stretch war into central Asia.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The people’s representatives in lower house on the other hand asked people to support Afghan National Defense and Security Forces against the Taliban.

MPs also called on government to provide soldiers with equipment on time, lest the troops retreat and Taliban gain more territories.

In a rare gesture of support to ANDSF, the senators too wore Afghan National Army attires in yesterday’s assembly and asked Afghan people to back the troops.

The calls of support come at a time when the escapade of Afghan troops to neighboring Tajikistan continues. In a recent move, nearly one hundred government troops fled Afghanistan for the latter. The mass departure now amounts the total number of government soldiers escaping into Tajikistan to over five hundred.

As the conflict between government forces and the Taliban rages, more than ten districts, most of them in northern Afghanistan fell to the militants.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior Affairs Tariq Arian confirms the seizure of outposts and districts by Taliban but added that the insurgents will never have permeant stay in the regions concerned.


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