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PublishDate: Sunday, July 4, 2021 13:38

MoI Rejects Collapse Of Districts

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Sunday rejected Taliban’s claims of having captured districts.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_MoI Spokesman Tariq Arian stated that the ANDSF have temporarily shifted from one area within some district centers to another area, which is not meant collapse of these districts. Arian said that the Taliban are unable to keep a district or use any vehicles they claim to have captured, the group lacks logistical capacity and its members are scattered in remote areas.

Arian claimed that the Taliban has no plan for the people in the areas, which the group claims to be present, whilst the people have been displaced from the areas, where the Taliban are present, indicating that the group has no place among the people. Arian reiterated that Taliban advances are temporary, not permanent, as the group follows destructive approach and at the same time, major public mobilization has been formed in support of the ANDSF, several districts have been freed from the Taliban, people have taken part in national defense process, and the are bravely defending their country and people.

In fact, the Ministry of National Defense announced on Sunday that Baharak district of Badakhshan province was recaptured by government forces. Fawad Aman, deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, said the Taliban had suffered heavy casualties in security operations.

Meanwhile, security sources in Ghazni province confirmed that four civilians, including a woman, were killed during clashes between government forces and Taliban fighters in Ghazni city. Safi Hazara, the head of Ghazni’s PD6, said that the incident took place on Saturday in the -e-Klokhak area in the city. Hazara added that Commando forces also killed 14 Taliban insurgents and wounded two others, who had hidden inside a mosque in the area, to attack the ANDSF. The Taliban are yet to comment on the matter.

Also, security sources in Herat province said that , the head of criminal department of Herat’s PD5, was killed in a clash with armed robbers. Abdul Ahad Walizada, a spokesman for the Herat Police said that the incident took place on Saturday night. Walizada explained that the clash between the police forces and the thieves took place when the thieves fled after stealing and were pursued by the police. Walizada added that two armed robbers were also killed during the firefight and another was wounded, whilst the police also confiscated weapons from the robbers.

In other news, local sources report that the Taliban group also carried out an attack on a popular uprising checkpoint at Bagram Airport. According to sources, the checkpoint is located on the border between Bagram and Kuh-e-Safi districts in Parwan province. Lala Shirin Rufi, Bagram district governor of Parwan province, told Hashte Subh daily that a group of 20 Taliban had attacked a local army checkpoint in Kuh-e-Safi district in Qala-e-Jala village, on the border between Bagram and Kuh-e-Safi districts. One local army member and a Taliban insurgent were killed and another was wounded in the attack. Local sources said that the Taliban intended to attack the Bagram Air Base, however, Raufi said that the Taliban lack the capacity.

At the height of insecurity and the fall of a number of district centers to the Taliban, the consulates of eight countries in Mazar-e-Sharif, the capital of Balkh province, have limited their activities. Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia and India have consulates in Mazar-e-Sharif.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) welcomed the removal of the Afghan National Police (ANP) from the UN Secretary General’s “List of Shame,” which was due to the presence of children under 18 within the ANP. The MoFA stated that UN Secretary General’s 2020 Report on Children and Military Conflict describes the implementation of the ANP Action Plan to prevent recruitment and reduce violence against children as a success.

The MoFA added that the removal of ANP from the list is the result of ongoing progress in implementing the National Action Plan and preventing recruitment of children into the ANDSF ranks, and this development demonstrates the Afghan government’s commitment to international values of human rights and good governance. The MoFA hoped that countries and international organizations will prevent the recruitment of and violence on children by exerting political pressure and imposing sanctions on the Taliban and other armed opposition groups.


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