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PublishDate: Thursday, July 1, 2021 10:07

Press Freedom in Danger: Vice President Danish

Afghanistan’s Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish on Wednesday said that press freedom in Afghanistan is at risk today more than ever.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_ made the remarks during the of the Journalists’ National Fund in Kabul.

He said that media will shape the future, especially in view of the current in the country.

“Freedom of expression and free media are more at risk than at any other time. This situation requires us to remain alongside the media and our journalists and support them. On the other side, the media outlets and journalists also have the responsibility to stay alongside the republic and the in a firm manner and defend national interests and human values,” said Danish.

“God forbid, if the Taliban comes tomorrow, their first fight will be with the media,” said acting minister of information and culture .

Meanwhile, other government officials said that the media should consider the psychological aspects of the ongoing conflict in the country and stay alongside the system.

The Journalists’ National Fund is composed of 13 members, including people from the Academy of Science, the journalism department at Kabul University, the Access to Information Commission, the Ministry of Information and Culture, journalism institutions and private media outlets.

The fund is intended to provide aid to support media workers.


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