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PublishDate: Monday, June 28, 2021 15:06

Senate speaker calls for govt to stop social media war and support the people

The Speaker of the Senate (Meshrano Jirga) on Sunday called on government to stop its social media war and to support the people who have mobilized alongside the security forces to help defend the country.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_He emphasized that the popular mobilization was created to defend the country and the system, and that government should manage this properly.

Following the recent surge of insecurity in many parts of the country, people have mobilized alongside the security forces by taking up arms, which the members of the Senate believe is effective in repelling Taliban attacks.

“I call on the president to leave out war on and twitter and address the people in practice, and the people’s mobilizations show that the people can play an important role in providing security, and these mobilizations must lead to the improvement of the situation,” said chairman of Afghanistan’s Senate, Muslimyar.

Meanwhile, a number of members of the stressed that the Taliban have shown that they are not interested in peace as violence escalates, and that all political parties and people must stand united against them.

They said that government should establish a war council and include the participation of the people instead of having a High Council of Reconciliation.

“The reconciliation council has not worked so a war council must be created instead. Reconciliation with someone who is not willing to make peace has no meaning,” said Farhad Sakhi, a senate member.

“The Taliban and Pakistan must know that they are dealing with the people, and the Ministry of Defense must make good use of the situation and support the people’s forces, and now it is the turn of the people to make peace with whom [they choose] and to fight [those they choose],” said Sayed Safiullah Hashimi, another senate member.


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