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PublishDate: Sunday, June 27, 2021 16:54

More Residents Announce Support For ANDSF

Hundreds of residents of Injil district, Herat province, held a gathering to condemn Taliban’s violence and attacks, and stated that they will support the ANDSF against the Taliban.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_District Governor Hafizullah Nab along with former jihadi commanders urged the public not to listen to Taliban propaganda, and added that they are responsible to support the current system and preserve the past achievements. Provincial Governor Abdul Saboor Qane said that the gathering and public mobilization sent a clear message to the Taliban that the war is illegitimate, and the Taliban must know that the people are opposed to the group. called on the Taliban to stop violence, destroying roads and infrastructure, and extortion.

Ministry of Interior also stated that residents of Samangan province took up arms in support of the country’s security and defense forces. Hundreds of Paktia residents too rallied in support of Afghan forces and against the Taliban. They said that they have taken up arms in support of the security forces and will not allow the militants to seize territory and disrupt public services.

Meanwhile, the Afghanistan Independent Commission (AIHRC) commemorated the 1st death anniversary of its two employees, Fatima Natasha Khalil and Ahmad Jawed Folad, who had been killed in an explosion in Kabul.

The AIHRC stated that relevant government authorities are yet to identify the perpetrators, and provide a full response on the investigation. The expressed its regret that authorities have failed to address complaints about targeted killings of other media and civil rights activists, and human rights defenders.

The AIHRC added that the government must be accountable and effectively fight impunity, so that the human and citizen rights of all are fully protected. The AIHRC also called for an international fact-finding delegation appointed by the UN to investigate crimes against civilians, including targeted killings, attacks on ethnic and religious minorities, and educational institutions. The AIHRC urged the government to support the demand and cooperate in establishing this body and its investigation.


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