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PublishDate: Wednesday, June 23, 2021 09:47

Art Exhibit in Australia Portrays Stories of Refugees

The portraits of 10 refugees are on display at an exhibit in Australia, many of whom have tried to gain asylum in Australia but have so far failed to do so, even after many years.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The exhibit, organized by an Australia-based Afghan, tells excerpts from the stories of hundreds of thousands of refugees, men and women, who have left their countries because of war or a lack of jobs, over the last two decades.

“On , we take the opportunity (to think) about the choices that refugees and have to make. These people leave behind everything--family, culture and everything they know-- to escape war, prosecution and terror,” said Jawid Musawer, artist and organizer of the event.

The event was warmly welcomed by visitors who hoped for a better future for the refugees.

“Thank you very much, Jawed. We didn’t expect this one you did. Amazing. I love it. Same like a photo… Thank you,” said Anthony, a refugee, who is in with his wife and they lost their 9-month-old son when their boat sank on their way to the country.

“The portraits were absolutely beautiful. They were amazing. And the messages that come with it are very awakening,” said Nadia Anuar, youth development officer at Association of Islamic Dakwah in Western Australia.


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