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PublishDate: Tuesday, June 22, 2021 13:25

Taliban's shadow district governors killed in Samangan airstrikes: MoD

The Afghan Air Forces (AAF), by launching airstrikes, foiled the Taliban's plan to attack the security checkpoints in Firoz-e-Nakhchir district of the Samangan province the other day, Abdul Munir Rahimi, a spokesman for the Samangan police told Sayhoon News on Tuesday.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_19 Taliban militants including Qari Qadir, the militant's shadow district chief of #Firoz-e-Nakhchir, Qari Zarif, the shadow district governor for #Dara-e-Suf Paeen district, and Qari Hilal, a key Taliban militant killed in the airstrikes, Rahimi said.

The AAF airstrikes also destroyed a vehicle, several motorcycles, light and heavy weapons of the Taliban, including two mortar shells, several rocket launchers, several machine guns, #Kalashnikovs, and laser weapons possessed by the Taliban, Rahimi furthered.

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