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PublishDate: Tuesday, June 22, 2021 12:19

Two Districts In Balkh, Baghlan Recaptured By Security Forces

The Ministry of Defense and the 209th Shaheen Corps announced on Tuesday in separate statements that the Balkh district in Balkh province and Doshi district in Baghlan province have been recaptured by security forces.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The Ministry of Defense said that #Doshi district of Baghlan province has been retaken by the security forces. Local media reported that government forces returned to the district without clashes.

Doshi district had fallen to the Taliban on Monday.

Meanwhile, the 209 Shaheen Corps said in a statement that the special forces of the army, in coordination with other security forces, cleared the center of #Balkh district of the Taliban.

According to the statement, the operation was launched on Monday night and according to preliminary statistics, after 31 Taliban insurgents were killed, the district was taken over.

Meanwhile, #Sarwar_Danesh, the second vice-president, has said that for more than two years, the Taliban and its supporters have been raising the slogan of peace and gained relative international legitimacy with the help of some other countries.

Danesh posted a note on his Facebook page saying that the Afghan government, which increasingly saw peace as a national necessity for Afghanistan before the Taliban, welcomed the slogan; but the Taliban have so far proved by their actions that they have not the slightest belief in peace and will accept nothing, but monopoly.

According to him, Taliban representatives are also symbolically present at the #Doha talks and have so far not attended any effective and meaningful talks. Danesh wrote, “The clearest evidence of this claim is the escalation of violence and war. Whereas today, with the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, there is no legitimate #justification for war; but the Taliban and their supporters, without any shame, have called their belligerence a victory and are clearly laughing at the beards of all claimants and supporters of peace, trying to seize as much territory as possible.”

The second vice-president said that the Taliban had started their so-called conquests from areas and territories that had no social or cultural acceptance among the people of those areas. He said that the northern and central provinces of Afghanistan had shown in the 1970s that they would not succumb to the Taliban’s coercion and monopoly and would not allow the Taliban to rule.

Danesh wrote that the Taliban are repeating exactly the same mistake of the 1970s; but eventually they will drown in the whirlpool of the turbulent wave they created, and soon the country’s defense and security forces will teach them another lesson that will not be forgotten forever.

He added, “Along with the defense and security forces, mass popular uprisings and widespread national resistance within the framework of state sovereignty are being formed to defend the republic and to suppress the enemies of the system. There is enough political consensus among the three branches of government and among politicians and political parties to defend the system and the republic and oppose the Taliban.”

Danesh has emphasized that if the Taliban does not accept peace and a #political_solution, it will not achieve its goals through military means and escalation of war, and the Afghan people will never accept the humiliation of surrendering to tyranny and monopoly. Recently, however, the scale of the war in Afghanistan has expanded, with several districts falling to Taliban militants without conflict every day.

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