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PublishDate: Sunday, June 20, 2021 14:48

Afghan MP Sayed Mohammad Mohammadi dies of illness

According to sources, Sayed Mohammad Mohammadi, a member of the lower chamber of Afghanistan’s bicameral National Assembly, died of an ailment he contracted.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Mir Rahman , the chairman of Afghanistan’s national assembly, MPs and other government officials, as well as politicians, expressed their condolences at the demise of Sayed Mohammad Mohammadi, declaring it a significant loss to the country.

Sayed Mohammad Mohammadi was also a member of central council for Afghanistan.

Abdul Rab Rasool Sayaf, one of the prominent political leaders in Afghanistan, wrote on his Facebook that he is “deeply moved” by Sayed Mohammad Mohammadi’s death. He also added, “I pray to God to place him in the arms of His mercy and to forgive him”.


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