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PublishDate: Saturday, June 5, 2021 12:40

US urges Afghan leaders, Taliban to accelerate progress toward a negotiated political settlement

Zabul’s Shinkai district police headquarters, district building and bazaar have been seized by the Taliban, sources told Ariana News Saturday morning.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_According to sources, Afghan National Army soldiers based in the district withdrew to another ANA base on the outskirts of .

This, said sources, led to the Taliban seizing the district on Saturday morning.

This brings the total number of districts in under Taliban control to five – out of 10.

According to sources, the Taliban also captured a large ANA base at Hassan Karez in the Shah Joy district of the province, and seized a large amount of weapons, ANA vehicles, armored vehicles and other military equipment.

Meanwhile a security source in province said that an army checkpoint has fallen to the Taliban in an attack on the provincial capital of Jund district, killing seven army soldiers.

According to the source, the Taliban have also suffered casualties in the fighting in Jund district, but the exact number of casualties is not clear.


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