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PublishDate: Sunday, May 16, 2021 16:25

3 Killed In Taliban’s Roadside Bomb Blast In Ghazni

Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)_At least three civilians have been killed in a roadside bomb blast on Saturday night in the village of Beh Nehal in Khaja Omari district of the #Ghazni province, said Ahmad Zia Yaqoubi, Khawaja Omari district governor, on Sunday.

Yagoubi added that three other people had been injured in the blast.

According to him, the victims of the landmine explosion are all young people and residents of #Qala-e Qazi area in Ghazni. They had gone to Khaja Omari district with their friends for Eid days.

Khawaja Omari district governor explained that the incident was caused after their vehicle collided with a roadside mine. He asserted that the bomb had been planted by Taliban militants.

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