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PublishDate: Monday, May 10, 2021 16:00

Taliban Takes Over Dehak Outpost in Farah; Six Soldiers Killed

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_At least six soldiers have been killed after an army outpost fell to the Taliban as a result of an attack by insurgents on the outskirts of #Farah city at 2:30am on Monday, said Shah Mahmood Naeemi, deputy head of the Farah Provincial Council.

He added that the Taliban had also detonated a car bomb at the army outpost and said that a number of the security forces had been captured by the Taliban.

He stated that 17 people were stationed at the outpost.

Meanwhile, Khair Mohammad Noorzai, another member of the Farah Provincial Council, said that six Taliban soldiers were killed, four had been wounded and several others were captured.

The insurgents took all the equipment of the outpost with them.

The Taliban claims that 18 government soldiers were killed in the attack. Yusuf Ahmadi, a Taliban spokesperson, said that the group had also taken five government soldiers with them.

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