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PublishDate: Sunday, May 9, 2021 16:51

US to establish military bases in region to 'monitor Afghanistan'

The United States will establish military bases in the region to "keep the Taliban insurgency in check and monitor other extremists" group, The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday referring to reliable sources

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_According to the report, there are several options under consideration but #Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are considered to be suitable locations for such bases to keep troops, drones, bombers, and artillery to shore up the Afghan government.

If due to various reasons, the bases could not be established in these countries; so the US will make necessary arrangements in Gulf countries. The report said that the bases will provide military assistance to the country to defeat terrorist groups in Afghanistan.

The US special representative for Afghanistan, Zalmay #Khalilzad, has also visited Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, past week, to discuss the establishment of military bases in both the countries and efforts to declare a ceasefire in Afghanistan before 11 September.

Earlier, a number of senior #US_military officials have said that the United States troops will eliminate terrorist groups in the country without its presence in Afghanistan.

The issue of US military bases in the region comes two weeks after #al-Qaeda announced new war against the United States and insisted it will continue its war against the country until American troops leave all Islamic countries.

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