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PublishDate: Wednesday, May 5, 2021 09:43

Afghan poet Karim Kabuli dies in US at 105

Acclaimed Afghan writer and poet Mohammad Karim Kabuli passed away at the age of 105 in the United States two weeks ago.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_#Kabuli was from a well-known and well-respected family with close ties to the former king.

His father, Munshi Abdurazaq Khan, had been King Amanullah Khan’s head secretary.

He was born in Kabul city in 1916. Three years ago a school in the Afghan capital was named after him – as acknowledgement of his accomplishments.

Today, hundreds of students –including boys and girls – study at the Mohammad Karim Kabuli school in Khair Khana area in Kabul.

Kabuli studied Religious Studies, Fiqh (jurisprudence), Arabic Langauge, logic, and literature for seven years.

His poems went on to be published in famous #Afghan_journals such as Sokhanwaran Sahib Dil, Panjshir, Arefan and Salekan, and Ariana-e-Bron Marzi.

Kabuli is best known for his #Patriotic_Poems, Divan-e-Ashaar Mohammad Karim Kabul, which were published in four volumes.

Kabuli passed away at the age of 105 on April 20 and was laid to rest in north California, US, on April 23.

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