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PublishDate: Sunday, May 2, 2021 14:14

3 Police Officers Killed in Taliban Attack in Zabul

Three police officers were killed and two more were wounded in an attack by Taliban in the southern province of Zabul on Saturday night, head of provincial council Ata Jan Haqbayan said.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The clashes happened in Qalat city, the center of , after Taliban attacked a security outpost, Haqbayan said.

Local officials said that nine Taliban were also killed during the clashes.

The clashes were lasted for several hours between the security forces and the Taliban.  

Taliban has not ommented on the clashes.

An average of 11 to 49 soldiers and civilians have been killed in Taliban attacks in Afghanistan on a daily basis following the announcement of the withdrawal of US troops from the country on April 14, sources told TOLOnews on Friday.  

According to statistics provided by sources, 226 Afghan civilians and military personnel have been killed in Taliban attacks in 24 provinces since April 15.  

Of the figure, 69 are civilians and 157 are security force members.


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