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PublishDate: Monday, April 26, 2021 14:16

Students turn to black market to buy their school books

A shortage of school books in classrooms in a number of provinces has given rise to a thriving black market trade – that of the necessary educational material all school children need.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_According to #Afghan_students, who started the new school year five weeks ago, the lack of school books has forced them to buy books on the black market.

The Ministry of #Education (MoE), which is expected to supply children with the necessary books has not sent enough to schools, said some students, adding that they have been forced to purchase the required books on the black market.

While the sale of school books has been banned by the MoE, book sellers say they are getting copies that are printed in Pakistan and then sold on local bazaars in Kabul and around the country.

“These books are published in Pakistan by traders and we are selling the books in bazaars without any restrictions,” said Noor Ahmad, one Kabul bookseller.

“I have received six books; I bought other books from the bazaar; 60 percent of my classmates don’t have books; all of them have received only six books. All of them bought other necessary books at the bazaar,” said Altaf Nazari, a student.

The MoE said however that the books sold on the #black_market are not their books but books printed by private companies.

“Efforts are underway to reduce the demand for books on the black market to zero,” said Najiba Arian, a spokeswoman for the MoE.

This comes after the MoE said earlier that they have printed enough books for all students and that these will be distributed as soon as possible.

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