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PublishDate: Thursday, April 22, 202111:49

UNAMA chief wraps up meetings on peace in Doha

UN envoy for Afghanistan Deborah Lyons on Thursday concluded several days of consultations in Doha with Afghan parties and international partners on the best way forward to strengthen and add impetus to intra-Afghan peace negotiations.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_In a series of tweets, #UNAMA stated “there will be no pause in work to support Afghan peace negotiations.

“UN is continuing its engagement with both Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and #Taliban_representatives, to maintain a focus on peace efforts and the path to a just and durable peace settlement.”

This comes a day after the UN, Turkey and Qatar issued a joint statement announcing the postponement of the Istanbul Conference that was due to start on Saturday.

The postponement comes after the Taliban said last week it would not take part in any conference until all foreign troops had withdrawn.

UNAMA stated that the #Istanbul_Conference postponement “provides another opportunity for the Afghan parties to demonstrate progress in the current Doha Afghan peace negotiations. There should be no let up in Afghan efforts to find peace.”

The mission also stated that the UN will ramp up its engagement in support of an Afghan peace and end of the Afghanistan war. “The #UN’s_impartiality and ability to convene is at the disposal of Afghans and international actors working for peace, especially regional states.”

UNAMA also stated it will continue its work with Afghan women, youth, media, victims and civil society to support their vital role in the development of an inclusive peace.

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