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PublishDate: Thursday, April 15, 202113:50

Afghan Minister’s photos went viral on social media face mixed reactions

Afghanistan Interior Minister, Hayatullah Hayat’s photos showing him distributing ‘Iftari dates’ on the street, went viral on social media and faced mixed reactions from the citizens.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The photos show an Afghan minister distributing dates to public on the first day of Ramadan in capital Kabul city.

These photos were widely shared among the Afghan citizens on social media on Wednesday, some praising him citing it as a rewarding activity during the holy month of Ramadan, while on the other hand, dozens have criticized him.

“The Minister of Interior should know that his job is to provide security, pay the salaries of the security forces on time, not to distribute dates. I do not know who has given such advice to the Minister of Interior?”, Ahmad Saeedi a political analyst has posted on his official Facebook wall.

Asad Ziar, another social media activist has justified it as a show-off activity and has accused the minister of being unaware of the real security situations:

    Mr. Minister, instead of the show-off, if you are aware of the police stations and checkpoints of Kabul city, the reward for it would be much higher. The whole nation is aware that most of the appointments of the commanders in the police stations and the security check-points have not been based on merit but based on the bribing and monetary deals and now instead of offering services to people, they are torturing and looting the nation.Post by Asad Ziar, Social Media

Maroof Ziaey, another social media activist has made a joke of these photos:

    The National Security Advisor was asked to explain why the security situation is getting worst every day?

    He replied the Minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs is new to his job, as he gets on with his designation, the security situation will improve.

    I asked him again that isn’t it the job of the Interior Minister to look after the security affairs.

    He replied that we did an exchange, MOI is engaged with the distribution of the dates for Iftari. Post by Maroof Ziaey, Social Media

On the other hand, there are other posts in which the social media users have praised the Minister for a rewarding activity during the holy month of Ramadan.

Zafarshah Rouyee has posted the photo on his Facebook wall and has captioned it as “A Minister must be creative and do activities that other don’t do it.

“Before becoming a minister, he was an independent citizen, and he still can live a normal life like all of us, don’t you all remember that when Barak Obama gave Iftari during a Ramadan, you all admired him for what he did?”, Dr. Mitra Hemmat, another social media activist captioned.

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