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PublishDate: Tuesday, April 6, 2021 16:32

Full Withdrawal from Afghanistan Will Be Tough: White House

Kabul: The full withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan by May 1 will be difficult due to logistical reasons, said Jennifer Rene Psaki, the White House press secretary in a briefing on Monday.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Psaki in the press conference at the said that the US President Joe Biden had also spoken about the problems and expectations regarding the troop pullout from Afghanistan.

“As the President had said before, it will be tough to meet the May 1 deadline for full withdrawal, for logistical reasons. We are continuing — he’s continuing — to consult internally with his national security team and advisors and, of course, also with our partners and allies,” she told reporters.

When asked about and their families who are interested to know what the President’s decision will be and what more does he need before he can make or announce this decision, Psaki said, “The issues have been conveyed clearly to our partners as well. But in terms of what’s next, the president will take some time to make a decision.”

Previously, the US President Joe Biden in his first press conference since taking office, had said that it was “very difficult” for “technical reasons” to see the withdrawal of US troops by May 1, but stressed on the fact that the US did not intend to stay in Afghanistan for long.

A few days later, US intelligence agencies warned the President Joe Biden administration that if US forces withdrew from Afghanistan without a peace agreement and a power-sharing deal between the involved parties in the war, “Taliban fighters could take over Afghanistan in two to three years”.

Following the US President’s remarks, the Afghan National Security Council responded by saying that “the lives of foreigners in Afghanistan are safe after the US-Taliban agreement in Doha, but Afghans are still being killed”.


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