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PublishDate: Monday, April 5, 2021 15:52

US wants all sides to reduce violence in Afghanistan: New York Times

The United States was working to reduce the level of violence in Afghanistan and put pressure on the Taliban to end the war and resolve all issues through negotiations.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_"The US does not want to keep its troops in Afghanistan indefinitely," the New York Times reported, "Therefore, it is trying to end the war in the country and pave the way for the withdrawal of its troops."

The newspaper said that war in Afghanistan has intensified as the Taliban are trying to seize power by force and warned that if the United States left under these circumstances, there could be another catastrophic situation in Afghanistan.  According to sources, there was still no chance of immediate withdrawal of foreign troops and the -led US administration was trying to end its responsibility in Afghanistan.

However, under the between the US and the Taliban, is bound to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan by 1 May but due to the prevailing situation, it looks like Washington will again continue to have troop presence in Afghanistan.

Earlier, Foreign Policy had reported that the United States would not stay in Afghanistan for long and that would involve to play a role in resolving the current .


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