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PublishDate: Monday, April 5, 202115:27

Kabul Women's Football League: Sharifi Sport vs. Adalat

Team Sharifi Sport will face Adalat in the fifth match of Kabul Women’s Football League on Tuesday.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The match will #kick-off at 1:30 pm local time at #Afghanistan’s_Football_Federation (AFF) Stadium in Kabul.

The league competition started last week, and included Istiqlal, Afghan Club, Jawanan-e-Kabul, Ashyana, Sharifi Sport, Adalat and #Setarahay-e-Benin teams from Kabul.

The league play will last for three months, according to AFF officials.

“These competitions first kicked-off in Kabul and will take place in the provinces to provide an opportunity for the formation of a professional #women's_league in the country," said Arezo Rahimi, head of the #Women's_Committee of AFF.

Following the Kabul Women's Football League competition, the teams in the provinces will also compete in a tournament and top teams will play in the Afghanistan Women's Premier League. 

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