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PublishDate: Sunday, April 4, 2021 12:59

Meet To Discuss Government’s Plan for Peace on April 6

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Kabul: With the likely to announce the outcome of the revision soon, sources in the High Council National Reconciliation (HCNR) say that a decision-making meeting for the government’s peace plan will be held on April 6. Once approved, the plan will be presented by an “all-inclusive” delegation at the Istanbul Summit.

HCNR has accelerated the process of gathering and consolidating views on the US plan. So far, 35 members of the leadership committee of the HCNR have shared their views on the US peace plan. However, President Ashraf Ghani has not submitted his views to the HCNR.

With the May 1 deadline for withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan round the corner, sources aware of the developments, emphasize that “time is running out”.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of State for is likely to share the views of the members of the leadership committee of HCNR with a 15-member committee on Sunday. Among the views presented, the discussion of the future government is the main agenda and the role of ’s_vote in determining the future government has been called “valuable”. The views also call for balance in “ethnic, provincial, gender and other proportions”, given the Taliban’s involvement in the next government. It is stated in the views that the Taliban should also pay attention to this balance in their share.


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