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PublishDate: Sunday, April 4, 2021 10:18

Pakistan Should Expand Trade Ties With Afghanistan, Central Asian States: FPCCI

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_: The government of Pakistan should consult the business community to draw up a new Pak-Afghan trade policy which aligns with modern requirements in order to increase their , said Shahid Hussain Shinwari, Convener of Federation of and Industry (FPCCI), Central Standing Committee on Trade Afghanistan and Central Asian States.

Shinwari’s comments come during meeting held at the Regional Office on Saturday. They have pledged to increase trade with Afghanistan and Central Asian states.

Afghanistan currently uses Pakistan’s route for , hence, Afghanistan too should allow Pakistan to use its route to Central Asian States to enhance commerce. This move will also help in increasing trade ties and exports between Pakistan and Central Asian Republics, said members of the committee.


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