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PublishDate: Wednesday, March 17, 2021 15:23

Afghan Exports Dropped 21% in Last Fiscal Year

Figures by the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment indicate that Afghanistan’s exports fell over 21 percent in Afghan Fiscal Year 1399.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Afghanistan exports fell from $1 billion in Fiscal Year 1398 to $776 million in Fiscal Year 1399, said officials in the chamber. 

“Unfortunately, the coronavirus impact and the lack of security and stability in the country have diverted the main focus from business to elsewhere,” said Amin Babak, head of the Public Affairs Office in the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment. 

According to the chamber, fresh and dry fruits are the most exported items and are at the top of Afghanistan's export roster.  

Jalaluddin Sayeed, an adviser to the president of Afghanistan in internal product and , painted a different picture: 

“We have exported all of the fruit, we are out of stock now, we continue to produce fruit, as the season has arrived,” he added.  

The Ministry of Commerce and Industries said the COVID-19 pandemic has largely impacted Afghan industries and businesses. 

Government officials previously declared that they planned to launch a supportive program that recovers companies' incurred losses from the pandemic, but no progress has been seen on it.

“Some Afghan companies have experienced a downturn in their business due to the spread of the coronavirus, but the Ministry of Commerce and Industries has planned new programs that will support the affected companies and merchants, these programs are in motion,” said Fawad Ahmadi, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce of Industries. 

According to ACCI figures, more than half of Afghanistan's total exports in the previous year went to India.

In the last fiscal year (1399), out of $776 million total, Afghanistan's exports to India were estimated at $405 million, $211 million worth of goods were exported to Pakistan, and the remaining goods were exported to neighboring and other countries.


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