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PublishDate: Saturday, March 13, 202115:46

Kandahar, Kunduz Declared Winners in Buzkashi League

The Kunduz and Kandahar teams were declared winners after winning equal points in a controversial and intense final match of the second year of a Buzkashi league in Kabul on Friday.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_#Buzkashi riders from 16 provinces competed in the league for a week.

The #final_match continued for five hours and led to equal points from both teams, but eventually, Marshal Abdul Rashid #Dostum intervened and announced both teams as winners with 3-3 equal points.

Dostum, who is a big fan of Buzkashi, said the sport should not be politicized.

“Everything is getting political in this country, but the #Buzkashi should not be politicized,” Dostum said. “This is a national sport.”

Members of the two teams claimed they have won the match.

“We have nothing by the name of ‘#equal_result’ in a competition in any sport, but our opponent is happy for an equal result and they do not agree to hold the match once again,” Kandahar team’s representative said.

“Unfortunately, our rival did not comply with the sport rules during the competition,” said a representative for the Kunduz team.

The #Balkh team got the third position while the Kabul team did not show up in the semi-final match on Thursday.

Last year, the sport’s first league was launched but did not came to end due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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