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PublishDate: Sunday, March 7, 2021 15:35

Female Police Officer Wounded, Husband Killed in Helmand Attack

A policewoman was shot and wounded and her husband was killed in southern Helmand province on Sunday morning, security sources confirmed.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The incident happened in PD1 of Lashkargah, capital of the province. Malala, a police employee at the police HQ, was shot and killed while she was on her way to the office, the sources said.

“Her husband was also with her and he was killed in the shooting and was wounded,” a source said.

Security officials have not yet commented on the attack.

No group, including the Taliban, has claimed responsibility.

On Saturday morning, two people, including Sayed Mahmood Sadat, who led the NDS prosecutors’ office in , were killed in an explosion near the provincial police headquarters in the city of Lashkargah, officials said.

Helmand governor Abdul Nabi Ilham said that one of the prosecutor's security guards was also killed in the blast.

The governor said that eight people, including a woman, were wounded.


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