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PublishDate: Saturday, March 6, 202110:36

British national arrested for allegedly selling illegal alcohol in Kabul

A British national, reportedly known as ‘the milkman’ was arrested this week in PD10 in Kabul city after being caught with thousands of dollars worth of illegal alcohol.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Afghanistan National Police said in a statement earlier in the week that the “foreign national selling alcohol beverages in bulk to customers was arrested in PD10 of Kabul city.”

Police also said they seized almost 2,000 bottles of alcohol, thousands of #dollars_in_cash, and an armoured Land Cruiser.

Britain’s The Sun newspaper on Saturday identified the suspect as Ian Cameron, a former member of #Britain’s_Royal_Military Police.

Police told The Sun they seized 730 bottles of spirits, 1160 bottles of beer, and dozens of cartons of boxed wine and champagne.

According to the report, #Cameron was known locally as “the milkman”.

Sources meanwhile stated that Cameron worked alone and used the Land Cruiser to deliver alcohol to customers and that he was the city’s main black market #alcohol_dealer.

“He supplied everyone. Ministers, MPs, the police,” one MP, who was also a customer, told The Sun.

Another customer told Ariana News he would regularly send out price lists via What’s App and supplied to both individuals and to shops in the city.

An MoI official told Ariana News on Friday that Cameron is being held in a counter narcotics facility and that the case has been handed over to “the prosecutor’s office, along with the evidence.”

The Sun meanwhile reported that the British Foreign Office said: “We are supporting a British man after his arrest in Afghanistan and our staff are in contact with his friends and family.”

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