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PublishDate: Wednesday, March 3, 202113:59

40% of drug addicts in Afghanistan are women: MoPH

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Afghanistan’s Ministry of #Public_Health said Wednesday, that 40% of drug addicts in the country are women, numbering about 850,000.

According to MoPH total number of #drug_addicts in the country reached 2.5 million people and of which 850,000 are female drug users.

Abdul Shukur Haidari, deputy director of the Ministry of Public Health’s Drug Demand Reduction department, said most cases of female addiction had been reported in the northern and western provinces.

According to Haidari, the reason women become addicted to drugs is because of their spouse’s addictive habits or addicted family members and some are forced into getting addicted to life-taking drugs.

He also cited the alleviation of the pain of losing loved ones and the intensity of hard work that makes women get used to drugs.

Haidari added, that women in the villages do hard labor tasks, so they use drugs to relieve their pain, which later leads to their addiction.

There is no district left in all over the country in which you won’t find an addicted #female_drug_user, Haidari indicated.

Afghanistan is one of the largest narcotics producers in the world, the country previously was reported to have been producing 90% of the world’s illicit and dangerous opiate drugs.

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