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PublishDate: Sunday, February 28, 2021 16:23

China Pledges to Provide 400,000 Doses of COVID19 Vaccine to Afghanistan

Chinese Ambassador to Kabul, Wang Yu today in a meeting with Dr. Wahid Majrooh, Acting Minister of Public Health announced that another 200,000 doses of coronavirus vaccine will be assisted to the Government of Afghanistan.


In a previous meeting with the Acting Minister of Public Health, Mr. Wang Yu promised the Afghan government 200,000 doses of vaccine, to which another 200,000 doses would be added at the request of the Ministry of Public Health.

Dr. Vahid Majrooh, Acting Minister of , appreciated China’s assistance and called the corona vaccine one of the health sector’s most important needs in controlling the coronavirus.


He also called China a good partner of the Ministry of Public Health and said that its assistance in the height of the Corona crisis in Afghanistan is very useful and valuable.

The Acting Minister of Public Health asked the Chinese Ambassador to cooperate with the Ministry of Health in activating the medical devices of the Jamhoriat Hospital.

In the meantime, Mr. Wang Yu stressed on the continuation of China’s cooperation in Afghanistan, saying that the coronavirus crisis delayed the country’s cooperation in activating the medical devices of the Jamhoriat Hospital, and that after the situation normalized, the cooperation process will be restarted.


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