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PublishDate: Thursday, February 25, 202114:24

Govt Grabbed Lands to be Retaken Soon: President Ghani

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_President Ashraf #Ghani has said that all land usurpation cases will be seriously investigated and the grabbed lands will be reclaimed soon.

Speaking at a program called “National Session of Government Cases” at the #Presidential_Palace on Thursday, Ghani said: “Land grabbing has no exact time and date. Anyone who has usurped government properties must return to government based on the religion and laws of Afghanistan.”

Mr. Ghani has emphasized that the land grabbers are the thief of the next generation of Afghanistan and will not be indifferent  about it.

Noting that government-owned property will ensure Afghanistan’s future development, he said all usurpation cases will be seriously investigated and reclaimed.

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