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PublishDate: Thursday, February 25, 2021 09:45

EU-Afghanistan discussed human rights, violence reduction

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_EU-Afghanistan third meeting on human rights, good governance, and migration was held on Wednesday and both of the parties agreed to work together for the protection of human rights and good governance.

“The EU and Afghanistan reaffirmed their commitment undertaken with the signature of their #bilateral_Cooperation Agreement for Partnership and Development (CAPD) to respect #democratic_principles and human rights, as well as the principle of the rule of law as essential elements of the CAPD and underpinning the internal and international policies of both parties,” Afghanistan and EU said in a press release.

Both parties had reportedly spoken on #human_rights and fundamental freedom in the context of the ongoing Afghan peace process and also expressed concerns over escalated violence by condemning it.

European Union called on Afghanistan to provide security for media workers and civil society activists who are victims of the targeted killings and conduct thorough investigations to bringing the culprits to justice and keep afghans informed of the measures taken.

EU called for the imperative of respecting human rights and promoting it to protect civilians in any war by all means.

The protection of civilians, medical and education facilities as well as humanitarian workers, cannot wait for peace. The parties stressed that only an immediate cessation of violence would restore confidence in the sincerity of the Taliban for a political settlement to end the war.

Civilians, medical, education facilities, humanitarian workers and their protection depends on peace, parties stressed that only cessation of violence would restore confidence insincerity of the Taliban for a political settlement to end the war.  

 “The EU and Afghanistan agreed on the importance of an enhanced promotion of inclusivity in the peace talks, notably the involvement of women, youth, minorities, internally displaced persons, refugees and victims of war, to ensure an ownership of the process by all Afghans”, the #EU_press statement added.

The European Union also emphasized the importance of free, fair and transparent and inclusive electoral processes

According to the statement, “The parties discussed the measures taken by the Afghan Government and commended their joint coordination in the area of #anti-corruption_policy and institutional reforms and committed to keep the matter high on their bilateral agenda”.

EU renewed supports to Afghanistan peace and maintenance of decades of gains as violence escalated in the country since US-Taliban agreement in Doha, Qatar.

“Anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) issues were also addressed, in view of the EU’s ongoing assessment of Afghanistan’s AML/CFT regime,” the statement read.

This comes as President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday said the way had been paved for more serious peace talks with the Taliban

In a meeting with members of Afghanistan’s parliament on Wednesday, Ghani said that the move by the NATO alliance to hold off on a decision about the troop pullout will help the Afghan peace process.

In a meeting with parliament of Afghanistan, President Ghani said that #NATO’s_move to hold off troops withdrawal will further support the afghan peace process,

The decision by NATO sends a big message,” President Ghani said.

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