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PublishDate: Wednesday, February 24, 2021 10:52

Pentagon Is Mindful of Looming Deadlines for Troop Withdrawals: Kirby

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Pentagon Press Secretary on Tuesday night said that Washington has been in constant communication with Afghan officials as it continues to review the February agreement signed between the US and Taliban in Doha last year.

In an off-camera press conference, Kirby said US Defense Secretary Lloyd was also fully aware of the findings of the Afghan Study Group analysis and its recommendations.

The US Department of Defense in a press release said that Kirby cited the Pentagon is “mindful of looming deadlines here and — and everybody shares the sense of — of alacrity when it comes to working our way through this review but we want to do it in a thoughtful, deliberate way, to make sure that we’re — that whatever decisions are made, they’re the best ones, that are in our best national security interests and the — certainly the security interests of our allies and partners, and that includes the Afghan people.”

Asked whether Austin would speak directly to President Ashraf about this, Kirby said: “I don’t have a future conversation to announce here today but obviously we’ll keep you posted as he continues to consult with our allies and partners.”


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