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PublishDate: Tuesday, February 16, 2021 12:30

MMA Fighters Attend Jujutsu Competition in Kabul

At least 250 mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters attended a two-day jujutsu competition in Kabul on Monday with the hope to be selected for Kabul A team.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_MMA fighters said the event will improve the sport in the country and will open their way for international competitions.

“Such competitions are crucial. They prepare #mixed_martial_arts fighters for international events,” said Mujtaba, an MMA fighter.

“Such competitions are not held every year. We request the federation to organize it regularly on an annual basis,” according to Zekria Ahmadi, another fighter.  

The jujutsu federation officials said they will select top players for Kabul A team.  

“This #competition is aimed at finding new talents. It will be held first in #Kabul and then in provinces,” said Mohammad Saberi, head of Afghanistan #Jujutsu_Federation.  

The competition is held in two age groups and two styles, Full Contact and #Ne-Waza, said Abdul Hameed Mehrdil, the deputy head of the federation said.   

The next round of jujutsu competitions will be held in other provinces, officials said.

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