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PublishDate: Tuesday, February 16, 2021 09:22

Germany, Pakistan Inaugurate Urban Cohesion Hub for Afghan Refugees

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_German Ambassador Bernhard Schlagheck and ’s_Federal_Minister of States and Frontier Regions () Sahibzada Muhammad Mehboob Sultan have inaugurated the ‘Urban Cohesion Hub’ for Afghan refugees in Rawalpindi on Monday.

According to Pakistani media, the Hub is a community centre which will serve as a place for encounters between urban Afghan refugees and Pakistani host communities residing in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and will thereby help to foster social cohesion.

Funded by the Federal Foreign Office, the Hub is set to support more than 30,000 refugees and host community members with integrated services in health, education, skills training, legal support, and .

While welcoming all community members, the initiative emphasises supporting vulnerable groups including people with disabilities, working children, elderly people, youth, and women.


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