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PublishDate: Saturday, February 13, 2021 15:55

120 Mixed Martial Arts Fighters Attend Competition in Kabul

At least 120 mixed martial arts fighters from Kabul attended a one-day competition organized by Pankration Federation on Friday to select the best 30 fighters for the Kabul pankration team.

Afghan Voice Afghan(AVA)_The mixed martial arts fighters competed in two weight categories of 45 and 90 kilograms in three age groups.  

Those who attended the competition called for more of such events and emphasized the need for more attention to the sport, which originates from Greece and is a cross between wrestling and boxing.

“The young generation should exercise under any condition as it grants good health for everyone,” said a #mixed_martial_arts fighter.

“I want to thank the head of the (pankration) federation for inspiring us and for holding the 24th round of pankration champions competition,” said a martial arts fighter.

Those who attended the event said they demand peace and security in the country so that they can hold such #competitions in other provinces as well.

“Everyone is seeking peace so that we can live a peaceful life. We held the event while we know that there are security threats,” said Qasim Kohistani, an #athlete.

The martial arts fighters will participate in national and international level competitions after selection for Kabul’s top team.

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