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PublishDate: Tuesday, January 26, 202110:42

Helmand Women’s Voice to be Shared in Peace Talks: State Ministry for Peace

Afghan voice agency (AVA)_Dr. Alema, Deputy Minister for #Human_Rights and Civil Society Organizations of the State Ministry for Peace, met with officials of the Helmand Women’s Voice and Solidarity Organization and the Women’s Council of the 7th District of Kabul city in a joint online and in-person meeting.

The State Ministry for #Peace_Affairs in a press release said that during the meeting protecting the rights of women and war victims, women’s concerns and demands in the peace process, and achieving a ceasefire were discussed.

According to the press release, Dr. Alema expressed hope that the next meetings of the State Ministry for Peace with Helmand women would be held in person and that they would share their views and plans.

Dr. Alema emphasized that #Helmand_women, due to living in insecure areas, understand the sorrow of the people more than others and have a conscious and deep view regarding the peace process.

In the meantime, Helmandi women stressed that the people of Helmand want a sustainable and inclusive peace and expressed the hope that these meetings will be held on a regular basis to gain the views of the women of the provinces on the peace process.

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