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380,000 People in Afghanistan Displaced by War in 2020: OCHA

Afghan voice agency (AVA)_In 2020, almost 380,000 people in Afghanistan have left their homes due to fighting, many remain displaced as conflict and poverty prevent them from returning to their areas of origin, the United Nations Office for Coordination of #Humanitarian_Affairs (OCHA) said.

OCHA in a report said that the displacement due to ongoing conflict and #natural_disasters is continuing to drive humanitarian needs in Afghanistan.

According to the report, almost 380,000 people have left their homes this year due to fighting.

“Many of these people remain displaced across the country, as conflict and #poverty prevent them from returning to their areas of origin. In addition to this, close to 868,000 people have returned from neighbouring countries to Afghanistan so far this year including 860,000 from Iran, and 7,900 from Pakistan,” the report reads.

“Some 6,000 people has also been deported from Turkey in 2020, while a small number also returned from Europe,” the report said.

Save the Children has previously there are calls for urgent increases in humanitarian funding to Afghanistan, as figures reveal that just over 18million people, almost half the population, desperately need #life-saving_support.

With no immediate end in sight to the decades-long conflict, Save the Children’s Country Director in Afghanistan Chris Nyamandi said, “Millions of people are suffering every day because of poverty and conflict. It’s especially hard on children many of whom have known nothing but violence. According to the latest #UN_figures, nearly 6,000 people, a third of them children, were killed and injured between January and September last year.”

This comes as COVID-19 in Afghanistan is having a #catastrophic_impact on millions of vulnerable families in Afghanistan.

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