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PublishDate: Sunday, January 24, 202114:55

Students Wounded in November's University Attack Seek Help

Students who were wounded in last November’s Kabul University attack by Daesh on the public administration school said they have not been able to complete their medical treatment due to lack of funds.

Afghan voice agency (AVA)_The attack left over 22 students dead, and more than 40 others wounded. TOLOnews interviewed two who said they need advanced treatment to recover.

Roeena, 24, a student of the #public_administration school, said multiple bullets hit her leg, leaving it almost paralyzed.

“My first operation was done at #Ali_Abad_Hospital (in Kabul). My second operation was big. It was done at the French Medical Center. All of it came from my personal expenses. No one helped me,” Roeena said. “The university provided some assistance, but I did not benefit.”

“I have been asked to go abroad for treatment because the treatment cannot be done in Afghanistan,” said Nahida Muradi, another student who was wounded. “I tried hard to go abroad but I got support from no one.”

Some students in the United States meanwhile provided financial assistance to the families of the victims of the #Kabul_University attack.

“Each family of a wounded student was provided $173 and $272,” said Maryam Shamal, head of the children’s support organization.

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