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PublishDate: Sunday, January 24, 202112:18

"Taliban have no intention of peace, not living up to commitments," Foreign ministry

The foreign ministry has said Pakistan and other countries can play a constructive role in the Afghan peace process and needed to encourage the Taliban to declare a ceasefire and speed up the ongoing peace process.

Afghan voice agency (AVA)_"Pakistan has influence over the Taliban and should encourage the group to a ceasefire," the foreign ministry said in a statement. The Ministry added that the Afghan government welcomes assistance from any country for the sake of a durable ceasefire and peace in Afghanistan.

The ministry said the Afghan government has always a clear intention for peace, but the Taliban have failed to live up to their commitments made under their agreement with the United States. The statement alleged that the Taliban have no intention for peace in the #war-riddled Afghanistan.

The sources have revealed that the Taliban have recently escalated the fighting and are not helping to reach a peace agreement. Earlier, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah #Mehmood_Qureshi had said that the new US administration should remain committed to the Doha agreement with the Taliban.

Although Joe #Biden's_administration hasn’t yet publicly commented on its commitment to the #Doha_agreement, the National Security Council adviser Jake Sullivan has said that the US wants to review the Doha agreement signed with the Taliban on 29 February 2020. Sullivan also held a telephonic conversation with his Afghan counterpart.

In a statement, the White House said, "We’ve made clear the intention to review the US-Taliban deal, including an assessment of whether the Taliban are living up to its commitments to cut ties with terrorist groups, to reduce violence in Afghanistan, and to engage in meaningful negotiations with the Afghan government and other stakeholders".

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