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PublishDate: Thursday, January 21, 202112:05

Uprising Forces Commander Killed in Taliban’s Attack in Badakhshan

Afghan local officials say the Taliban militants launched their attacks on several parts of Argo district of Badakhshan province this morning.

Afghan voice agency (AVA)_The spokesman of Badakhshan Police, Samaullah Rouhani said the villages of Deh Magasam, Deh Bala, Deh Payan, Barlas Wakhian, Changa and Tajika that have been previously cleared of insurgents by security forces were collapsed to Taliban.

According to Rouhani, Afghan security forces retreated to a school in Darkhan village of Argo district after #Taliban’s_attacks.

#Rouhani noted that a commander of the uprising forces was killed and two more were wounded during the clashes.

He added that one Taliban militant was also killed during the clashes.

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