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PublishDate: Wednesday, January 20, 202110:30

Tajikistan launches start of training center for regional rescue workers

Tajikistan’s Emergencies Committee chief Rustam Nazarzoda on Tuesday announced work had started on a new training center for rescue workers from Tajikistan and other Central Asian countries including Afghanistan.

Afghan voice agency (AVA)_According to a statement, the Tajik government said this was part of its “Stabilization of Tajikistan’s Southern Border Region with Afghanistan” project.

At an official ceremony to mark the event, Nazarzoda stated that implementation of the project would improve the skills of rescue workers and #consolidate regional #rescue_forces to respond to #natural_disasters and other crises.

The center in Qaratogh Gorge covers an area of 28 hectares and will consist of training, administrative and residential blocks, a canteen, gym, stadium as well as training-simulation and modular complexes.

The aim of the project “Stabilization of Tajikistan’s Southern Border Region with Afghanistan” is to address various threats and risks related to natural disasters, which Tajikistan says it frequently faces along its southern border.

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