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PublishDate: Sunday, January 10, 202114:52

Afghan National Police Detains 16 over Criminal Charges

Ministry of Interior stated on Sunday, that 16 people have been detained in connection to criminal activities around Kabul city.

Afghan voice agency (AVA)_According to the statement, at least 16 people are arrested for committing #criminal_acts in the past two days.

The perpetrators were captured following several police operations in various parts of Kabul.

Reports indicate these individuals are charged with murder, armed robbery, injury infliction, vehicle theft, cellphone theft, public order disturbance, and carrying #illegal_weapons.

They were captured from the PD3, 9, 12, 13, 15 and PD17 of central Kabul.

Police reportedly seized five pistols, binoculars, and two #combat_knives from the defendants.

This comes as during the previous two weeks 42 individuals were charged over different criminal activities.

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