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PublishDate: Tuesday, January 5, 2021 14:21

6 ANA Soldiers Killed in Insider Attack: Ghazni

Local officials in Ghazni province said, six Afghan National Army members were killed in an insider attack by the Taliban infiltrators on Tuesday.

Afghan voice agency (AVA)_According to the officials, Six ANA personnel were killed in a security outpost in the Tawhid Abad area of Ghazni province on Monday night.

The assailant has reportedly poisoned the soldiers before murdering them, media reported the was a resident of Kandahar province.

On the other hand, 203 Thunder Military Corps stated, that Two ANA soldiers were killed and five others were wounded.

Following the murder of seven of his comrade with the support of Taliban militants, the attacker escaped the area.

, a Taliban spokesman confirmed the incident to the media and said that Seven Afghan soldiers were killed and one was captured.

Earlier, Security officials in province say eight police officers have been killed in an insider attack in Kandahar province.

According to reports the infiltrator was a -Taliban and was against the government.

Kandahar police spokesman Jamal told the media, that the incident took place last night in the center of the province.


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