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PublishDate: Tuesday, January 5, 2021 13:34

PTM doesn’t want to insult Pakistan but to raise voice for Pashtun’s rights: Pashteen

Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen, the leader of the Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) has said that the movement does not aim to insult the Pakistani government but to raise voice against the oppression of Pakhtun

Afghan voice agency (AVA)_In his latest remarks, he condemned the arrest of Dr. Syed Alam Mehsud by the Pakistani police, adding that the Pakistani government had intensified the atrocities against PTM members. The FIR registered against Mehsud said that he led a protest demonstration of 60 to 70 persons outside the club on Sunday [03 January] and delivered a speech to incite the public against Pakistan state institutions. The FIR said that there were also several Afghan nationals present in the protest who made -Pakistan and institutions slogans. Mehsud was presented before the court and was handed over to the police on a -day_remand.

Manzoor said the PTM has never insulted the Pakistani government in their speeches but it has exposed the real face of the government to the people. Manzoor Pashteen said that the PTM has not insulted anyone, but have called for justice, end to targeted killings, recovery of missing persons. This comes as Pakistani police have begun arresting members of the                       , and the government is trying to downplay the movement's struggles. However, members of the PaTam said that their arrest could not stop the struggle for their rights and the protest movement will continue.


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