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PublishDate: Tuesday, January 5, 2021 13:22

2nd round of peace talks: Govt negotiating team leaves Kabul for Doha

The Afghan government negotiating team has arrived at Hamid Karzai International Airport to leave Kabul for Doha on Tuesday (today) in a bid to resume peace talks with the Taliban after a break of three weeks.

Afghan voice agency (AVA)_President Ghani met with the Afghan government peace on Sunday evening at the Presidential Palace, a statement issued by the palace said.

As per the presidential palace, the head of the Afghan government negotiating team Masoom Stanekzai shared with president Ghani the detailed report of their meeting with various sectors including women, representatives of the national assembly, youth & civil society.

said the observations shared by the members of civil society will be taken into account and given considerable input in the second round of peace talks, the palace's statement added.

President Ghani applauded the role of the during the first phase of negotiations, the statement said adding the viewpoints shared by the Afghans, the provisions of Consultative Peace and the Constitution determines the scope of authorities and agenda of the negotiating team for the peace talks with the Taliban.


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