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PublishDate: Sunday, January 3, 2021 14:07

44 Taliban Killed, 17 IEDs Defused in MoD Missions Throughout Afghanistan

Afghan voice agency (AVA)_At least 28 Taliban were killed and seven others were wounded in Zherai and Arghandab districts of Kandahar province, the Ministry of Defense stated on Sunday.

According to MoD, Taliban militants were planning to attack ANDSF positions when they were targeted by the Afghan National Army.

“They were planning to attack ANDSF positions when they were targeted by ANA”, MoD tweeted on Sunday.

In another Incident, 8 Taliban were killed in the Terin-Kot district of province on Saturday, MoD tweeted.

MoD indicated, that these militants were planning to target Afghan National Defense and Security Forces outposts before they came under ANA’s attack.

In addition, a Taliban tunnel was wrecked during the operation and some amount of their weapons were destroyed, MoD added, “25 IEDs and some of their weapons were destroyed during reciprocal operation”.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense in a statement said that During ’s_reciprocal_attack in the Bati-Kot district of Nangarhar 8 Taliban were killed and six others were wounded.

The Taliban fighters were preparing to conduct their offensives on ANDSF positions in the region before they were targeted.

Ministry of Defense said in a statement that “8 Taliban were killed and 6 others were wounded in Bati-Kot district of Nangarhar province, yesterday. They were attacking ANDSF positions when they were targeted by ANA”.

This comes as Afghan security members defused 17 IEDs along the Helmand-Herat Highway, the Ministry of Defense tweeted.

MoD blamed the Taliban for planting the mines and added that IEDs were discovered and “” before it could result in tens of civilian casualties.


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