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PublishDate: Saturday, January 2, 202110:28

Media watchdog slams Ghor govt for failing to protect slain journalist

In a series of tweets, the Afghanistan Journalists Safety Committee (AJSC) slammed the Ghor provincial government for its lack of cooperation in helping to safeguard the life of slain journalist Bismillah Adil.

Afghan voice agency (AVA)_This comes after Adil and the AJSC repeatedly requested support from Ghor provincial government regarding his safety.
Adil was gunned down in a targeted attack on Friday in the province.
AJSC said on Twitter: “AJSC condemns the indifference of the local government in Ghor towards repeated requests by AJSC’s local representative and Bismillah Adil for his safety.
“In the light of extensive threats against journalists and their serial killing, protection of #journalists must be given priority,” the AJSC stated.
This was the third attempt on Adil’s life in two years. In October 2019, gunmen shot at him in his vehicle in #Firoz_Koh city, the AJSC reported.
“In November 2020, attackers shot and threw a grenade at his house; #AJSC accuses officials of indifference over security of Bismillah Adel,” the organization stated.
Adil was Editor in Chief of Sadai Ghor Radio in Ghor province.
The US has meanwhile once again voiced its concern over the increase in attacks on journalists and as Ross Wilson, US Chargé d’Affaires in Afghanistan, said, this tactic to silence the media was “appalling”.
On Friday Wilson tweeted: “Another Afghan journalist was killed today: #Bismillah Adil Aimaq in Ghor province. Attacks on freedom of speech and those who seek to inform society are appalling and must end.”
President Ashraf #Ghani also condemned the attack on Adil Bismillah and ordered #security_institutions to investigate.
However, Adil’s assassination is the latest in a string of targeted killings of media workers, civil society activists and civil servants who have been systematically killed over the past few months.
In just two months, five journalists have been killed in the country in what is perceived as a ploy to silence the free media in the country.
No group has claimed responsibility for any of the killings and while the Taliban reject claims of any involvement, many officials and organizations have blamed the group for this new “scare tactic.”

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