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PublishDate: Sunday, December 27, 2020 12:11

Helicopter Crash in Pakistan Kills 4 Soldiers, Pilots

Islamabad -Four Pakistani soldiers including two pilots were killed when a military helicopter crashed in the Northern areas of the country, the Pakistani military said on Saturday.

Afghan voice agency (AVA)_Pakistani army stated, the due to technical issues during a casualty evacuation operation in the Minimarg area of Gilgit Baltistan, both pilots Major M. Hussain and -Pilot Major Ayaz Hussain were killed.

Naik Inziman Alam and Muhammad Farooq were the soldiers also killed during the crash incident, the Pakistani army confirmed to media.

The chopper was carrying a dead ’s_body, Abdul Qadeer to the Combined Military hospital in Skardu when the crash happened.

“A Pakistan Aviation helicopter crashed due to technical reasons during in Minimarg, Gilgit Baltistan today”, Inter-Services Public Relations stated on Sunday.

Earlier in May, A plane ##crash-landed on homes in , that killed 97 people.


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